RotaBase is an easy-to-use Windows-based system for evaluating rotas selected from a library. With RotaBase you can do the following:

  • Open a RotaBase (a library of rotas). We have a number of RotaBases containing standard shift patterns
  • Select a rota from a library of rotas
  • Print out a full list of rotas contained on the RotaBase
  • Produce individual or team calendars on the screen or as printouts
  • View the rota in a number of ways, over any period of time,  on the screen or as printouts
  • Add your own shift and absence codes with start and finish times, descriptions and hours of work
  • Assign a colour to a shift code
  • Do shift count and hour calculations over any period of time
  • Cut and paste rotas to and from other Windows applications, such as Excel

Customised RotaBases

When you are constructing rotas (rosters, shift patterns) there are usually a number of options available to you. As well as the operational and contractual constraints, there are often "social" constraints relating to, for example:

  • frequency of weekends off
  • maximum working block sizes
  • minimum number of consecutive rest days (eg. no single rest days)
  • minimum number of rest days following nights
  • maximum number of consecutive nights
  • working blocks of the same shift or rotation of shifts within blocks

If you tell us your requirements we can set you up with a RotaBase of options. You will then be able to do what-if analyses and then eventually present the options to your staff for discussion. If you want to use this service, email your requirements to and we will reply with an estimate of cost.

Upgrade to RotaView

RotaBase not only helps you to find a rota but can be used as a basic planning tool. However, should you need a more sophisticated package you can easily upgrade to our shift planning and administration tool, RotaView.


For further information about RotaBase, our rota evaluation software system, please Contact Us

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