We can help you find solutions to your rostering problems

We specialise in designing and implementing shift patterns (rosters, shift rotas) to efficiently match rostered hours to the workload or business demand subject to operational, contractual and "social" constraints. We have over 30 years experience and have worked with hundreds of companies across all business sectors. We provide practical and cost efficient solutions that are acceptable to both organisation and its employees. 

Rostering process

We can help with any of the following stages in the rostering process:

  • Developing a business case for change
  • Workload analysis
  • Evaluating the current shift system 
  • Finding a shift coverage (ie. a set of shifts that efficiently match the workload)
  • Providing examples of shift patterns (rosters, shift rotas) used in other organisations for "standard" operations
  • Devising bespoke shift pattern options for "non-standard" operations
  • Advising on annualised hours if appropriate (principles, benefits, feasibility study, annual rosters, owed hours)
  • Shift pattern implementation and administration

Our approach

Following a telephone conversation or an exchange of emails we are usually in a position to make a proposal and give you a quote. In some cases, we can provide the support you require off-site. This might, for example, be just providing you with some shift pattern examples used by other organisations for standard operations. Or, if the requirements are very clear, the development of a bespoke shift pattern to efficiently match the workload taking into account all the various constraints. Alternatively, we can come on-site and run a workshop in which we interactively explore all the rostering options with a view to identifying one or two to move forward with. 

Rostering software

  • RotaView - for shift planning and administration.


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