Designing and introducing a new shift pattern with all the operational and HR implications can be a daunting task. We have developed a systematic approach to supporting management and can help with any of the following stages of the rostering process:

  • Workload analysis to establish business demand
  • Roster audit: evaluation of current shift patterns (rosters, rotas)
  • Development of business case for change
  • Finding shifts to efficiently match workload
  • Designing shift patterns (rosters, rotas)
  • Consultation and negotiations with employee representatives
  • Implementation of shift patterns (rosters, rotas)
  • Management of shift patterns (rosters, rotas) - see RotaView

Through more efficient rostering it may be possible to:

  • Reduce overtime costs
  • Reduce staff numbers
  • Cover more work with the same number of staff (eg. extended operating hours)

There are two general approaches to consider when designing shift patterns. We can advise you on which is the most appropriate to meet your business needs including the operational, cost and HR implications of the various options.

Traditional shift systems

  • Weekly hours rostered
  • Holiday taken from gross weekly hours
  • Additional hours worked paid as overtime
  • Staffing levels usually include an allowance for absence

Annualised hours systems

  • Hours are calculated on an annual basis
  • Hours are rostered over the year to match business demand
  • Holiday is often rostered or partially rostered
  • Overtime is usually eliminated or substantially reduced

If you are unfamiliar with the Annualised hours approach we can explain the way that it might work for your organisation and establish some of the benefits it might give. There are three broad categories of Annualised hour systems:

  • Stable patterns of business demand (for example in continuous processes, 24/7)
  • Predictable variations in demand (for example, seasonal peaks and troughs)
  • Unpredictable variations in demand

Please contact us if you need help with any stage of the rostering process from workload analysis, through evaluation of shift options to the design and implementation of shift patterns (rosters, rotas).

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