RotaView is windows-based software which is primarily used as a rota administration system but can also be used for the evaluation of current roster systems and the design of rotas or alternative shift patterns .  A rota (roster or shift pattern) is essentially a repeating sequence of shifts. We have users from a cross-section of business sectors such as airport services, security, manufacturing, taxis, pharmaceuticals, IT support, call centres, transport, milling, broadcasting, museums, entertainment, zoos, ambulance services, energy, councils. However, the system is suitable for any company that operates rotas.

Rota administration

RotaView can be used in the day-to-day management and long term planning of rotas. It keeps track of shifts, hours, staff, training and overtime and includes absence management facilities for controlling holiday and sickness. The following facilities are available:

  • User-defined shift and absence codes
  • Set up and maintenance of any number of rotas
  • Staff database and assigning staff to rotas
  • User-defined reports referred to as Views
  • Changes to the rotas such as shift swaps, holiday, sickness, training, overtime
  • Holiday  management
  • Holiday targets (eg. maximum of 2 staff per day).
  • Shift targets (eg. minimum of 5 on the day shift)
  • Overtime analysis
  • Sickness management
  • Calendars
  • Charts (for example, a comparison of this month's overtime against last month)
  • Standard reports (eg. holiday entitlement versus holiday used)
  • European Working Time Directive (EWTD) rule checker
  • Staffing levels achieved after holiday, sickness and mealbreaks for intervals through the day (particularly useful when business demand fluctuates during the day eg, call centres and airport services)
  • Forecast business demand versus staffing levels by time of day and day of the week
  • Interfaces with other Windows applications
  • Passwords and access permissions
  • Audit trail

Please contact us if you would like to  arrange a demonstration.

Rota design

RotaView can help you with the design and evaluation  of different rota options. The following facilities are available:

  • Projection of rotas (shift patterns) over any period of time (for example, the shift pattern cycle length or a full calendar year)
  • Calculation of hours over any period of time doing what-ifs on, for example, paid or unpaid mealbreaks and shift handovers.
  • Construction of annual rosters based on one or a combination of shift patterns, taking account of public holidays and shutdowns
  • Production of calendars
  • 'Views' to assess the impact on grade and skill mixes.
  • Neat and colourful reports for presentations.
  • Interface with other Windows applications

To help you with rota design, we've constructed databases of standard shift patterns. This allows you to select shift patterns from a library of rotas for viewing and doing what-ifs.

Current shift system evaluation

It is not uncommon for organisations to use a multitude of different shift patterns, shift start and finish times and variable numbers of contracted hours per week for different groups of staff, grades and skills. Systems based on teams can sometimes become imbalanced if team sizes vary. There may also  be rotas designed specifically for individual staff. The cover provided can often vary from one week to another even though the business demand does not require such a variation. Systems such as these evolve over many years as the business develops. However, there comes a time when a review is necessary. RotaView is an ideal tool for such an evaluation.


As well as providing on-site training we also run RotaView User courses.



Trevor Keegan
Analog Devices

"We have been using RotaView for the last six year in our organisation to manage working hours for 190 operators in three manufacturing departments. In our main production area, we operate a complex five cycle shift rotation. The complexity of this rotation resulted in moderate visibility on our resource deployment across various work areas on each of the five shifts. The robust reporting functions within the system provided our supervisor and management staff with very quick reports and views on the resources available each scheduled day, by shift and by area and also details absence and approved leave. In addition, we were able to provide read only access to our operators so they could also see resource levels, holiday bookings, gaps for potential overtime etc."

John Berry
Campus Manager
Liverpool Hope University

"I've been using RotaView for over 10 years. The RotaView system is an excellent resource for scheduling our security staff 24/7/365 throughout the year. If we require any advice on rota issues the response is always swift and to the point from Resource Analysts. I would recommend RotaView to any organisation that needs any form of shift system/pattern to benefit their enterprise"

John Saunders
Shift Leader, Digital and Technology
Sainsbury's Supermarkets
Feltham Data Centre

"We have been using RotaView for eleven years at Sainsbury's to successfully manage the 24/7 IT Shift Operations team and overnight IT Help Desk function.
RotaView is invaulable for resource scheduling across our five shifts, the management of absence and holiday, and in providing data for reporting and statistics.
By using the memo fundtion and allowing everyone read access we ensure all colleagues feel part of the ownership of the shift pattern and making it work"

Graeme Mutch
Security Control Room Manager
Aberdeen University

"I am the Security Manager for the University of Aberdeen. I required Chris Priest of Resource Analysts to supply us with several alternatives to our current shift patterns to give us flexibility in introducing them to the workforce. He was supplied with the parameters that we needed to work with and within a couple of days he produced five different scenarios which we narrowed down to one to give the best fit.
In dealing with Chris and his company we found that he has a no nonsense approach. He is always obliging and goes that extra mile to ensure we are satisfied. I would certainly recommend Chris and his company to anyone who has to manage complex shift patterns within their business"

Neil Leighton
Senior Operations Supervisor
Aviation Fuel Services
Heathrow Airport

"I have worked at my current job in the Aviation industry for the past 16 years and in this time our company have always used a rota view package. This package provides us with lots of data regarding absences, shifts, holidays and also helps with extra hours worked by our employees; it’s also fantastic for our payroll department as the data it holds is crucial to our operations. I can also honestly say that the customer service is excellent as on a number of occasions when I’ve needed their help they have taken me through the issue step by step and always resolve any issues whether they are big or small. I would definitely recommend this product to any operational business that requires data for shift patterns, staff absences, holiday’s etc as it’s so useful. 


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