Standard shift patterns

We can supply you lists of standard shift patterns (rosters, rotas) for continuous 24/7,  semi-continuous and discontinuous shiftworking.

Please contact us for prices. The lists which are available in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • PDF file


Bespoke shift patterns

If you can't find a shift pattern to match your requirements from our list of standard patterns we can help you develop one. We have devised a step-by-step approach to developing shift patterns that allows you to explore their many features and constraints such as operational, contractual and "social": If you need help and would like a quote then please email or phone. Initially, we would need some basic information such as:

  • on-the-day staffing levels
  • number of staff available
  • weekly contracted hours (or annual hours in the case of annualised hour systems)
  • company name and department
  • contact telephone number


Annual rosters

We have also constructed examples of annual rosters (shift patterns, rotas) which are typically used in annualised hour systems. See our Annual Rosters page for details.

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